this release has solo recordings of my two new instruments : sound bomb no.6 and sound bomb no.7
this video DVD, recorded and released in 2004, features my automatic ensemble together in formation as well as individual instruments going it alone in four different settings.
2.put down your instruments !! (16:00 mpeg)
3.the octet ascending pursuant to the inspection of the guard.. (24:47 mpeg)
4.here come the warm brits ! (8:28 mpeg)
unsympathetically resounding !!
this audio cd was recorded and released in 2001. it features my instruments playing together as a quartet for the first time. "unsympathetically resounding" is for sound bombs 1,2, and 3, voice, snare and saxophone !!
1.unsympathetically resounding !!.mp3
2.duet sound bomb 3 and tape !!.mp3
3.study no.1 for quartet !!.mp3
4.study no.3 for quartet !!.mp3
if you can't beat'em, BUILD'EM !
this is an audio cd recorded in 1996, after i first started building instruments that could play by themselves.
1.sound bomb 1 study 1.mp3
2.sound bomb 1 study 2.mp3
3.sound bomb 2 study 1.mp3
4.automatic guitar study 1.mp3
5.automatic guitar study 2.mp3
6.automatic guitar study 3.mp3
it's a long way to TEMPORARY !!
this audio CD was recorded before i learned how to build instruments that could play by themselves. i used to collect any and all sound making materials and set them all up so i could sit around for hours relaxing and listening to them do thier own thing. both of these tracks are epics.
1.whilst at the gateway to the hidden valley of the slumbering bunyun....mp3
2.scary greeting.mp3
early SPIRITED procedures !!
1.lisa no.1.mp3
2.lisa no.2 : how are you ?.mp3
3.fender rhodes polymetric study no.1.mp3
4.fender rhodes polymetric study no.2.mp3
5.doesn't that bug the sh*t out of you, tom?.mp3
6.black child.mp3
7.cadence no.1.mp3
8.cadence no.2.mp3
9.fanfare for the cromagnon man.mp3
10.serialistic pittance.mp3
12.friendly greeting.mp3
13.study for the gateway.mp3
available through ERSTWHILE distribution.
RUDIMENTARY !!! 3" available from P-TAPES
1. the touring principals... (26:28 mpeg)